First Month as Theatre Design Lecturer

Phew, got through the first month. Steep learning (Online Learning Resources and Administrative Duties), but students are great, at least when they are there.                         I am now enjoying the role though because the timetable is so erratic, the diary                is my main focus.

I am loving the journey to work which involves a walk through Nottingham Arboretum. Now that we are into late autumn, the journey home is after dark which has its own beauties.                                                                                                                                                      The novelty of being salaried is amazing. No Invoice writing, and no chasing up of late payers. A treat indeed. As for taxes, I am proud to pay them. If only they were really spent on what they should be. NHS, Education, Welfare for the vulnerable.                    Sadly this is not the case now in the U.k. so much if hived off for the officer accounts of major shareholders.Windows Phone_20171027_001.jpg

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