Monthly Archives: April 2016

Saturday 23rd April, not only Shakespeare’s Birth and Death Day but also St. Georges Day.

A Day of mask action and play, 9 participants and two facilitators’ spend the day exploring different mask performance styles, devising and creating mask performances to share.

In have been preparing for the start of devising for Face-Up Theatre’s production of ‘Augustus and his Smile’ based on the book by Catherine Rayner, I have been drawing/thinking around tigers, Indian pattern making, Masks and Puppets.

Profiles and graphic lines emerging. Devising begins on monday and we shall play with objects, boxes and ‘stuff”.



On Friday 18th March, Lady Werthachat held a Gala Event  of entertainments in order to raise funds for ‘The Guilding of the Moat’ in honour of her late husband, Sir Bluster de Werthachat who sadly drowned in the lake whilst pruning his roses. We see here Werthachat hall before the guilding and an architects impression of the final effect. We also see portraits of Sir Loverly de Werthachat by Nicholas Hillyup (1585 )and Lady Simper de Werthachat by Thomas Gainsborow (1773)