Pantaloon as inspired by Vultures.  New experimentations with hairiness, bigger mask with different emphasis. Nose hair rather than mustachio’s.  Not yet sure if it actually works so next stage of the experiment is to see how it performs.


Tea-time in leather.

Life after the ‘Brainatoreum’ has taken me to remembering pot making, to my hands familiarity with clay, to my early love of Meret Oppenheimer and her Fur lined cup. Thoughts about the British ritual of tea-time,  how my grandmothers used her tea set,       I still use some pieces. Revisiting old skills and obsessions, applying them to my learning new skills (leather and wood carving).          Where will this now take me?

Nottingham University Physics Department giving a preview today of                    ‘Quantum Sensing the Brain’ before it goes off to The Royal Society, Summer Science Exhibition 2018.  2nd – 8th July.

The culmination of all that Polygonal Brain construction, now with all the technology attached.  Harmonics and waves stimulated by the live brain and translated into a light and sound show. Beautiful to see, to hear, to understand, to learn. How will this develop our understanding of the brain in our future.


The Brain Structures which I have been exhibiting over the Open Studio’s Weekend have now moved to The Physics Department of Nottingham University. Here they have joined the other hemisphere and for the first time are being hung within the gantry, which will be their final destination. The first sampling with the lights is looking just brilliant.  IMG_3300

Plenty of work yet to do, finalising the co-ordinates for the hanging system, flame proofing, attaching lights, finalising the techie stuff etc.

There will be a preview on 27th June before we take it to the Royal Society on 1st July