And characters start to emerge.

Am having many thoughts about Urban foxes. I know they are not dogs, but somehow it feels important to acknowledge their presence in our city.

Windows Phone_20180215_015.jpg Don’t ask!



‘Raggle Taggle Woof Pack’  is making progress with character developments.

Much industry  has been happening  to create  the dogs feet, bodies and  various                      component parts.                                                                                                                              The Diabolical Mr’ Punch is getting  a new booth and there has been an outing for      Maid Marionette.

Today has seen the Official Launch of the Nottingham Puppet Festival. At last we can go public with this after two years of planning.  This is a collaboration between Theatre Royal Concert Hall (Nottingham) City Arts Nottingham and Nottingham Trent University (Theatre Design Department). I have been acting as an advocate for independent artists within these organisations and will be facilitating a group to make and activate a pack of  puppet dogs.          Here are some images of the launch today at the Concert Hall.

Just a few of the puppets that were seen today, including our new ‘Maid Marion’ on her horse,  who has been made especially for the festival as our mascot by Alison Duddle.

The Main Festival will take place fromThursday  22nd March till  Sunday 25th March

Check out  for information on events and opportunities.

First Session of the Theatre Royal Concert Hall gang of volunteer puppeteers at the beginning of our process to create a a pack of dogs for The Nottingham Puppet Festival.

Starting with a lot of laughter and some brilliant ideas. This is going to be a lot of fun.

First Steps:  Research and Experimentation

This year I have once again made a lino cut card. This time with hard lino not soft cut. Much more sensitive material with more character of its own. Once again I am inspired by early woodcuts and the illustrations from early printed material.

Not top of the range Fine Art but rather popular communications.Windows Phone_20171113_002Scan 123Scan 102 Each quarter is 5 c.m. so the whole block is 10 c.m.Scan 145Scan