Monthly Archives: August 2017

August Bank Holiday: Clearing Spaces for incoming work. Three work-places and three major pieces of employment over the next few months. Making the conditions right for new creative responses to new  challenges.

Puppet Festival activities , ntu  teaching,  New leather-works.                                              Not to mention continuing researches into comedy, printing and whatever turn up.

Windows Phone_20170827_003.jpg                                                         Studio One where I do messy work, clay, plaster etc.

Windows Phone_20170827_007Office where the communication and admin get done.

Windows Phone_20170828_003Studio Two, the shared space where I do the clean work, drawing, some construction, thinking and talking to the painters who hang out here.


Casting a leather Spiral Panel.                                                                                                              Carved lime wood and veg-tanned leather.                                                                                    This may well become a side for a new bag design.