Monthly Archives: August 2016

Gala Screening of the ArtDocs documentary film ‘Paa Joe and the Lion’ took place at Broadway Cinema on Sunday 28th August. Assisted by a Parade of Drummers, Pall-bearers, Dancers and The Scraggies. All having been a part if the Artist in Residence programme at Clumber Park back in 2013.

If you are near Broadway, go and see the exhibition of photographs, masks, archive materials and The Lion itself in the Broadway Gallery in Heathcoat Street.

Gala Parade, images by Roger Knott-Fayle


The Scraggies at Clumber Park, image by Jen Sumner


Masks in Action, Clumber Park, image by Richard Frost

Two versions of the ‘Frost-Cooper’ 3D measuring gauge.

The device we have created to assist me with maintaining symmetry and accuracy while translating a mask design into Carved Wood.. No doubt as I become more experienced, I will have less and less need of these tools.


Windows Phone_20160820_007.jpg Windows Phone_20160820_006.jpg

Already this is helping me overcome my lack of binocular vision. The legacy of being born with an astigmatism (cross eyed).


New piece of kit, a sculptor’s tripod.

Thank you Richard, for making this great piece of equipment                                                     which will make the wood carving much easier.

Taller than a table, no need for clamps and I can walk all the way around it.

And I will be able to work either outside or indoors depending on the weather.                   Hurrah! Moving with the development of my  carving skills.