Monthly Archives: May 2015

This month I have been playing with lino prints. Enjoying the process of cutting, and inking. Reminding me of how much I loved doing etchings at art school. Playing with ‘naive’ images of masks and masked men. Something so satisfying about reproducing an image in multiples. IMG_2105 IMG_2104 IMG_2088

A new performance piece was created during the Open Studio’s Event by Gedling Artists at Burton Joyce, Nottinghamshire.

This was a recreation of an actual event which probably happened in 1958 or 1959 when Stephen Jon appeared on stage for the very first time. It was this very same stage at aged 5 or 6 when stephen was dressed in crepe paper by his mother and he recited the nurse rhyme ‘Little Jack Horner’.

In the absence of his mother, this time Stephen was dressed by Sarah Manton, Jess Kemp, Rosie Hobbs and Suzanne Hough.

photo photo-3 Photography by Dawn Feeny