Monthly Archives: June 2016

Windows Phone_20160630_001

Back into the studio to do what I do best, to make masks. Refining existing mask, carving again in preparation for leather versions of this years ‘Commedia dell Arte’ masks. Two Zannie’s, Magnifico and of course, Capitano. Stocking up again on beaks and neutrals. Looking forwards to a summer of making.                                  Taking stock and re-focusing.


Stephen Jon, for a few days,  joined the team in Hebden Bridge, to prepare and present the 2016, ‘HandMade Parade’  in collaboration with ‘Made in Cardbordia’. A celebration of multi-culturism, European Unity and community cohesion.

This has been  both nourishing and invigorating. Not only on the socio-political front but also artistically. The quality of work both of the idea’s and execution. Thank you to all the team for your openness and generosity of spirit. It has been an honour to be a part of this.