Monthly Archives: December 2017

This year I have once again made a lino cut card. This time with hard lino not soft cut. Much more sensitive material with more character of its own. Once again I am inspired by early woodcuts and the illustrations from early printed material.

Not top of the range Fine Art but rather popular communications.Windows Phone_20171113_002Scan 123Scan 102 Each quarter is 5 c.m. so the whole block is 10 c.m.Scan 145Scan

Am feeling very proud of NTU Students realised design and performance project.
The Fire Bird. Two Primary schools came to experience this immersive environment and the follow this version of a Russian classic folk tale.Windows Phone_20171127_002

Tree of Golden Apples

Windows Phone_20171127_003

Enchanted Birch Forest

Windows Phone_20171127_007

The path through to Baba Yaga’s lair