Monthly Archives: September 2017

Bum Face mask now finished.


First Image is of a painted ‘Bum-Face’ with Costume

Second new painted ‘Bum-Face’ for Simon in Limerick.

Third image is of my own brown paper ‘Bum-Face’ still waiting knicker trims.

And finally, where it all started in a back street shop in Venice.

Windows Phone_20170915_004

Having been asked to make a copy of my ‘Bum-Face’ mask.   I here show the stages of    the replication process. The plaster mould already exists.  This will be a painted mask.

Into the negative mould, there has to be several layers of brown paper, blue cellulose, more brown paper. Then after drying, springing the mask out of the mould. Cutting, trimming and   filling.  3 layers of gesso, sanding most of that off, two layers of base coat, then glazing with several layers of coloured acrylic glazes.  2 coats of shellac on interior to waterproof. Spray varnish on exterior. Glue in a sweat band and foam on interior and then it will be really to send of to the client. So all in all, with drying times, a mask takes at least six days to complete.


Today I have visited Northampton to see some of the National Leather Collection.
Some wonderful work, From Mandy Havers sculptures, Coptic Shoes, Samuel Pepys wallet. Jugs, Truncheon case, Spanish gilded wall coverings, shagreen and so much more. Beautiful things which just make  me want to put my hands to sue and Make things myself.

Northampton was lovely today, is it late summer or early Autumn?  People were delightful and I met several ‘enthusiasts’ with whom to talk about Leather. What an amazing material it is.

I shall be returning once the new Museum is properly open and ready to share even more of their collection.  A good day indeed.