Monthly Archives: February 2016

After two weeks of short  and frustratingly unsatisfying bursts of just a hour or so here and there, today I spent 6 hours on the job, in honour of International Commedia Dell ‘Arte Day. I think I have cracked it. Not finished but feel like my hands and eyes understand what they are doing now. Loads more practice needed but happily on the way. Have a real sense of 3D in the wood.

I should get to leather next week.

The Clay  for the new ‘Magnifico” mask is done and ‘cottled-up’ ready for plastering.

And carving has begun on ‘Big Nose Zanni’. Such a strange thing for me to learn to remove material to reveal the form when I am used to building up with the clay. Streatching my brain and developing new skills.

Windows Phone_20160211_001

The last Wednesday evening session before Light Night this Friday.

So we have to cut, trim, edge and paint all this time. Conversations about costuming, lights, balloons, etc.  Alison Denholm from City Arts cane in to see what we are doing    and to keep us up to date with the rest of the City Arts activities taking place. We are       one of several parts and will be joining the Samba Parade during the evening.

Lifting masks off the clay, removing the plaster faces, picking off the kitchen foil.     Cutting and papering the edges, drying new paper. Then we can start the painting.            Punching holes, and cutting  and inserting elastics. A busy evening indeed.