Such a delight to see how this structure moves and changes it’s character as it has moved from a flat plan, through being a bas-relief hanging on a wall, to becoming a fully three dimensional structure, fully actuated in space.


This week I have been mainly making a Polygonal Brain.

Working with Nottingham University to make a giant representation of a brain                 for a Science Exhibition at the Royal Society in July. Some way to go, with a range of           technologies yet to be attached. A treat to be working with scientists, sharing skills.

Last making session. From now on it will be honing performance skills in preparation for the Big Parade on Sunday 25th March when so many puppets of so many styles and sizes will be meeting.

The whole gang has worked so very hard and with such good humour.

I cannot thank enough for the special  contributions of our volunteer assistants            Izzy,  Richard and Sophie.