Looking at useful objects with are reduced to sculpture and pure form, divorced from their intended function. Thinking about inappropriate materials (chocolate teapot).

Prototype for a leather Cup and Saucer, this version being made of  ‘plastazote’.


Finally installed into The Royal Society.


Professor Brian Cox was in it as the subject this morning.            Bravo to the whole Team.


Photo Credits:  Lindsay Brooke (Quantum Sensing the Brain)    July 2018 Royal Society

Nottingham University Physics Department giving a preview today of                    ‘Quantum Sensing the Brain’ before it goes off to The Royal Society, Summer Science Exhibition 2018.  2nd – 8th July.

The culmination of all that Polygonal Brain construction, now with all the technology attached.  Harmonics and waves stimulated by the live brain and translated into a light and sound show. Beautiful to see, to hear, to understand, to learn. How will this develop our understanding of the brain in our future.


The Brain Structures which I have been exhibiting over the Open Studio’s Weekend have now moved to The Physics Department of Nottingham University. Here they have joined the other hemisphere and for the first time are being hung within the gantry, which will be their final destination. The first sampling with the lights is looking just brilliant.  IMG_3300

Plenty of work yet to do, finalising the co-ordinates for the hanging system, flame proofing, attaching lights, finalising the techie stuff etc.

There will be a preview on 27th June before we take it to the Royal Society on 1st July

This weekend I am exhibiting four structures which have one life as four lobes of a brain but which have taken on a separate and parallel life as wall mounted sculptures

This is my exhibit this year, as part of Open Studio’s Nottingham.                                        We, 3RD Space Studio’s are one of several studios in and around Sherwood which are open to the public this week-end. Today, Sunday and Bank holiday Monday,                          10.00 a.m. till 5.00 p.m.

Last week-end was all about being a part of a Group Exhibition at All Hallows Church in Lady Bay.

We were eleven Artists,: Paul Liptrot, Pip Crawforth, Sarah Finer, Paula McCann, Laura Matthews, Phil Clarke, Fran Tristram, Chloe Pas, Paul Crawforth, Holly Early and myself.

Beautiful show in harmony with its environment. Although we were many,   it all felt spacious. Cool, calm and collected. Many visitors took refuge in our sanctuary.

The masks returning to their roots in order to manifest as Gargoyles.

Great to be part of a group show where we were exchanging thoughts and ideas. All of us seeing our own work though other peoples eyes and seeing it in a new environment. This in turn gives us a different perspective on our own work.