Monthly Archives: February 2018

So very proud of my four 3rd Year Students with their production of ‘Our House’.  A performance for  Year 1 children at Mellers Primary School.  The narrative and look of the work was closely influenced by research the group did with the children as the piece was devised. The children were delighted to see elements of their own work in the final show.

The group showed much resourcefulness , not only with the acquisition of materials, but also with performance ideas’s  and making the work accessible to the target age group.  Strong Design elements as we come to expect of Theatre Design Students. They rose to the challenge of performing the work in two spaces which could not have been more different. In the ‘Black Box ‘of the Waverley Studio Theatre and the bright white box of Mellers school hall.

Once again I pay a visit to The Guildhall School of Music and Drama  to work with Props making students. Two days to design and make a quality theatre mask. An intense two days but fruitful and as ever, FUN. Great Crew to work with.

And it is always a pleasure to work in a space full of oddnesses and random objects.

‘Raggle Taggle Woof Pack’  is making progress with character developments.

Much industry  has been happening  to create  the dogs feet, bodies and  various                      component parts.                                                                                                                              The Diabolical Mr’ Punch is getting  a new booth and there has been an outing for      Maid Marionette.