Keeping on with the drawing.                             Layer upon layer.                         Week Three.


An Archeology of drawing. Memories, Histories, Stories, Journeys and Formalities.

How am I thinking and seeing ?


I do love painting. The Finishing of masks is just about my favourite part of the mask making process. Therefore, now I am setting myself this challenge, to paint for the sake of painting.  I shall use this 3D triptych as the blank ground for painting. I just don’t know what it will be, certainly not decorative and not my familiar mask technique of exaggerating the underlying  form.  So lets see.  I have always been particularly impressed by the way in which ceramic artists are able to paint/draw directly onto a 3D surface. And of course, cave painters did the same, on bare rock AND in the dark.



On Friday 18th March, Lady Werthachat held a Gala Event  of entertainments in order to raise funds for ‘The Guilding of the Moat’ in honour of her late husband, Sir Bluster de Werthachat who sadly drowned in the lake whilst pruning his roses. We see here Werthachat hall before the guilding and an architects impression of the final effect. We also see portraits of Sir Loverly de Werthachat by Nicholas Hillyup (1585 )and Lady Simper de Werthachat by Thomas Gainsborow (1773)

As part of “OutMask’, Prosopon are exploring and rehearing for a Commedia Dell ‘Arte inspired ‘Cabaret’ style show. Mentored by Didi Hopkins we have now taken our experience and skills into the devising  of ‘Lady WerthaChat’s Quadrille’ or ‘For every Master, a Servant’.

To be premiered at City Arts, Nottingham, friday 18th March 2012.    In the spirit of Commedia this will be a rough-hewn entertainment, full of topical and local jokes.

Theatre of the people and for the people.