Session Six: Final two coats of papering. Manufacturing Process almost completed.         Next ext wednesday we will finish the masks….just in time for ‘Light Night’ which is next friday, 5th feb..

Busy session, what with applying two layers in one evening!

Windows Phone_20160127_016                               So focused and cheerful are we.


Today I re-hung an old painting which I made in 89/90 while living in Brittany. Curious as to how I made work then, I found the figures have mask like faces, yes, the mask was with me then, I just hadn’t discovered it. Technically it is a bit rubbish, but looking at it again after 26 years helps me clarify my trajectory. At that time I was rediscovering the  figurative  while looking at my own personal and political concerns….sexuality, individualism and community. Concerns which occupy my practice to this day.