Monthly Archives: September 2016

windows-phone_20160916_002Some experiments with small scale carving and casting in veg-tanned leather.                 Bas-relief carving and Intaglio.         Next I shall try out various finishes. Learning by doing.

leatherhead detail.JPG     A detail of this work that I made in 2006

The Full LeatherHead           DSCF0004.JPG

My Lion Mask is now on it’s way to a new home.                                                                                        To Accra in Ghana,  to be with Jacob Tetteh-Ashong who wears it so well.

The story is told in the documentary film, ‘Paa Joe and the Lion’                                                      Directed by Benjamin Wigley, Produced by Anna Griffin both of ‘’.


Paa Joe and the Lion at Clumber Park 2013

Jacob at the Gala Screening of the film on Sunday  28th August 2016                                            at Broadway Cinema, Nottingham.