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Five Pieces, Horse, Cow, Ping masks plus Crow and Dove.

For the Calke Abbey Stables project. All made and awaiting final painting.

More animals for Calke Abbey Project. Clay designs begunIMG_1811 IMG_1815 IMG_1816

House Cow                                                                           House Pig

The difficulty is to make an animal face sit onto a human face but with the eyes in a similar place. Human eyes in scale are much closer together and generally the human skull is wider proportionally. So some compromises to be made.   As I make the designs more abstract, then the differences can become part of the new, human-animal design

Today the horse Head has been encased in plaster to create a two piece mould. I cut the ears off and made a separate mould just for them.

IMG_1788 IMG_1792 IMG_1796

Next anxious moment will be tomorrow as I gently prize the two parts of the mould apart without breakage.

Thus releasing the clay design and the head beneath. Quite a hefty one this, will be glad when it is apart.

The removal of the clay and the plaster head will lighten the load considerably.

IMG_1781 IMG_1787 IMG_1785

Horse Head now all cottled-up ready for casting in plaster to make a two part mould.

The ears have been cut off and I shall be making a separate mould to cast them.

Plastercasting as a special process, magical, to mix a liquid which turns into a hard material.

Always makes me slightly anxious so I always try to approach it in a slow measured and undistracted manner.

Windows Phone_20150214_006 IMG_1719 IMG_1742I

I am making aHhorse Head mask to fit over a human head. Note that I am using two colours of clay,

The grey clay to give me guidelines, structure and temporary support under the muzzle, then the red clay to build the animal.

I aim to get a sense of the skeletal structure first after which I search for the animal and the final stage will be to find the character of the creature.

The ears I shall add at the end which may be separate leather ears, likewise, I may make the mane in a similar fashion. Not decided as yet.

The neck has to be thick to fit over the human head but it looks far thicker, at present, than a horse would be, another conundrum to resolve.