58 Hours without Devices

Had a bit of a treat by leaving my phone behind as I travelled to London for a couple of nights. Bit of a treat really to be in-accessible . I was really able to focus on where I was and what I was doing. The Main events being:-

The Scythian Exhibitions at The British Museum.

Scan 131Scan 130Scan 132






The Mask as a manifestation of The Ancestor, The Animal as Avatar and Guide. Artistry as an augmentation of reality and connect-ability with the unknown. Transformations and Transitions. The skill of The Maker.  Materials metals, leather, felt and Wood.

‘Big Big Train’ at Cadogan Hall


More manifestations of the Skills of the Makers. Prog Rock as Art of and for ‘The People’. Superb musicianship allied with empathy, aesthetics and theatricality.  A Big Show.  Of course my personal delight to see my masks appearing in their final walk down.

And  at The V&A


Ancient  materials, exquisite technologies.   A bit of a theme emerging here, the very ancient allied with the utterly modern to create something new and relevant.                   Art by and for real people, usefulness and aesthetics making connections with something beyond normal experience.


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