Prosopon Project

Windows Phone_20151123_001Thursday 19th November

Ian Pringle and S.J. visit Did Hopkins to start the process of our collaboration.Windows Phone_20151119_001

In just three hours we have a project plan, MORE dates to work together. What a glorious start to a project.  We have planted the seed (commonality of impulse for  street/public/art for all/ mask theatre),  grown a root (the structure for our devised piece)  and begun to grow the plant itself (established the starting point for making the masks). And we had a beautiful Lunch.
I am thrilled at this new beginning, it is so much more than I had wished for. It is so much more of a piece of art now that there are such a talented, experienced set of partners involved.  This is such a different  and alive universe now away from the world of bid writing, budget planning and administration.       Ahhh, I am alive again.

Next stop, studio, drawing,researches and clay-play.


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