I have spent two days working with this delightful gang, the Terremoto Samba Band, in Dalbeatie, Dumfries and Galloway, helping them to create Horse Head Hats (Meg, the Mare from Tam o’Shanter). Thanks you especially to Christine and Rodger for this opportunity to play, to construct, for conversations and hospitality. Looking forwards to the photo’s of the gig next friday, ‘Burns Night’ in Dumfries.

Clay now complete for the ‘runciple raven’ and mould made for Comedia Bird Zanni.
Broken all the rules of symmetry and found a new abstraction with enhanced lines and planes.  It will be a dark mask which may make the asymmetry more subtle.     This new departure from my norm is reflecting my learning from students this year.     It is so true that teaching encourages self as artist, to reflect and question one’s own practice. Feeling revitalised by the experience of the last two years and particularly of the last month now that I have had some time and have a reason the engage meaningfully in my own practice.