Casting a leather Spiral Panel.                                                                                                              Carved lime wood and veg-tanned leather.                                                                                    This may well become a side for a new bag design.



This past month I have been mainly making paper masks with Children. All part of Nottinghamshire  County Council ‘Inspire’ Project. This will be continuing with mask making and storytelling in libraries.

It has been a great treat to work in collaboration with other visual artists and story-tellers over this time.

Thank you to Jess Kemp, Anna Roebuck, Nicky Rafferty and Gordon MacLellan

After Holiday and School Project, I am now back in my studios making work.

Cleaning, Tidying, Assessing and today working on new spiral carving in lime wood for casting in Leather.  A shallower relief than the last one.

What shall I learn from these Drawings?                                                                                            To draw is how I discover how and what I can see.

This gallery contains 13 photos.

A few images fro my trip[ to Vancouver, The Sunshine Coast and Vancouver Island. Museum of Anthropology. Vancouver University. One of the very best Museums I have ever visited. Wonderful space and not over interpreted. Great architecture. I drew.  

Today I drew a sculpture of a Bear at the Museum of Anthropology in Vancouver, B.C, Canada. The image is of a massive wood carving by Bill Reed, 1963.                         The drawing too about an hour during which time I had a couple of conversations with children in school groups about how important it is to draw. How it helps us to look and to find out how we see stuff.

Now that I am in Vancouver, Canada, I shall embark upon a drawing project.

imageFirst image done at the Museum of Anthropology.

drawing of “slaves”. These form the supports to a high seat ensemble carved from cedar wood.

Looking to remind myself of how I see.