After two weeks of short  and frustratingly unsatisfying bursts of just a hour or so here and there, today I spent 6 hours on the job, in honour of International Commedia Dell ‘Arte Day. I think I have cracked it. Not finished but feel like my hands and eyes understand what they are doing now. Loads more practice needed but happily on the way. Have a real sense of 3D in the wood.

I should get to leather next week.


The Clay  for the new ‘Magnifico” mask is done and ‘cottled-up’ ready for plastering.

And carving has begun on ‘Big Nose Zanni’. Such a strange thing for me to learn to remove material to reveal the form when I am used to building up with the clay. Streatching my brain and developing new skills.

Windows Phone_20160211_001

Day One: What a wonderful day, great group of performers, lovely space and sunshine all day. Inspiring or what? Playful, proper learning, embodied, relevant and alive.

Ten performers bringing a wealth of experience into the room along with open hearts and joyful enthusiasm. They  are led gently though an alchemical process of an oral/ bodily tradition allied with imagination, improvisation and inspiration.

What a delight and joy to be part of this.