Our penultimate session, the final week of play and  A Celebration of Our Light Night.

Next week we shall plan an exhibition of our project for an Open Day at the NGY,    probably on sunday 28th February AND talk about the if and how we might take             the work on further to be a street act as a part of ‘Nottingham Pride 2016’.

We made it, our presence was loud and clear at Light Night. Such a shame we did not hook up with the Samba troop but we made our own parade and we made people happy and had fun.

From dressing, make up, brownies and Balloons to mayhem, magic and shaking our moves.



Day One: What a wonderful day, great group of performers, lovely space and sunshine all day. Inspiring or what? Playful, proper learning, embodied, relevant and alive.

Ten performers bringing a wealth of experience into the room along with open hearts and joyful enthusiasm. They  are led gently though an alchemical process of an oral/ bodily tradition allied with imagination, improvisation and inspiration.

What a delight and joy to be part of this.

Papering done (three layers) , waiting for the masks to dry in the moulds which takes some time with new moulds  (wet plaster) and because of the winter cold.

Wood blocks being prepared for carving. Using the best quality pine I can find. It is not high-grown Alpine pine but the best I can easily find from the usual local sources. If it is no good enough, I shall just have to hone sourcing skills.