A Trio of Zanni’s as yet to be named.


On Wednesday 23rd November, Outburst met again. This time we cast faces using plaster bandage. Eight of them which become negative moulds. I spent a few hours on sunday painting the insides with clay slip, then casting them with plaster to make positives. I removed the plaster bandage and washed the faces clean. We now have facsimiles of faces.

Because of the bandages, the tissue eye protecters and the inexactitude of this process, we have ‘veiled’ faces. This suggests an idea of ‘veiling’ for the emerging project. We shall see what the next week brings.

Windows Phone_20151129_003Windows Phone_20151129_004Windows Phone_20151129_006Windows Phone_20151129_008Windows Phone_20151129_009


The New Year Masks 2014 have been made in response to observing how students at NTU have encountered the sculptural problems they have encountered during my course of mask making. Therefore these masks have been made, not as theatrical or characterful, tools for acting, rather, they are designed to be handled, felt with the hands, in order to enable students to comprehend the mass and volume of  human facial physiognomy. Of course, they will be experimented with as theatre masks, to see what happens.