Too Many Tea Towels?

Thank you Barbara, this is a wonderful piece of writing and a true affirmation of what we set out to achieve



I know that many people could, and would, accuse me of having too many tea towels.  Maybe over 900 does seem a bit excessive but I love tea towels, in all their varieties and I do use them, all.  I have been collecting them, myself, for over 50 years and, on the way, I have acquired some that originally belonged to other people.  They are all a joy to behold.

However, I am aware that tea towels, if used on a regular basis, can show signs of wear: whether that is fading or fraying or becoming thinner, almost transparent, or becoming ripped in a vigorous washing machine or just gathering stains along the way.  In terms of fading, the original pattern becomes indistinguishable; in terms of fraying, ripping and thinning, it is often the cheaper tea towels, those with boring patterns.  It is these tea towels that move from the…

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