Stages of Mask-Making

Having been asked to make a copy of my ‘Bum-Face’ mask.   I here show the stages of    the replication process. The plaster mould already exists.  This will be a painted mask.

Into the negative mould, there has to be several layers of brown paper, blue cellulose, more brown paper. Then after drying, springing the mask out of the mould. Cutting, trimming and   filling.  3 layers of gesso, sanding most of that off, two layers of base coat, then glazing with several layers of coloured acrylic glazes.  2 coats of shellac on interior to waterproof. Spray varnish on exterior. Glue in a sweat band and foam on interior and then it will be really to send of to the client. So all in all, with drying times, a mask takes at least six days to complete.


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