British Columbia, Canada

A few images fro my trip[ to Vancouver, The Sunshine Coast and Vancouver Island.Windows Phone_20170612_046.jpg

Museum of Anthropology. Vancouver University. One of the very best Museums I have ever visited. Wonderful space and not over interpreted. Great architecture. I drew.


Windows Phone_20170530_001.jpgWindows Phone_20170531_025.jpgWindows Phone_20170601_006.jpgWindows Phone_20170602_002.jpgWindows Phone_20170610_024.jpgWindows Phone_20170610_018.jpgWindows Phone_20170612_002.jpgWindows Phone_20170612_011.jpgWindows Phone_20170612_038.jpgWindows Phone_20170613_008.jpgWindows Phone_20170605_015.jpgWindows Phone_20170529_015.jpg

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