Theatre Workshop

Our penultimate session, the final week of play and  A Celebration of Our Light Night.

Next week we shall plan an exhibition of our project for an Open Day at the NGY,    probably on sunday 28th February AND talk about the if and how we might take             the work on further to be a street act as a part of ‘Nottingham Pride 2016’.

Day One: What a wonderful day, great group of performers, lovely space and sunshine all day. Inspiring or what? Playful, proper learning, embodied, relevant and alive.

Ten performers bringing a wealth of experience into the room along with open hearts and joyful enthusiasm. They  are led gently though an alchemical process of an oral/ bodily tradition allied with imagination, improvisation and inspiration.

What a delight and joy to be part of this.

First session with “OUTBURST” by OutMask (S.J. and Mary-Rita).

What a lovely way in. Several folks once again from when we met in May.  Some new faces. It will take me a while to remember all your names but I am so happy to meet you all. I was very nervous about this meeting as I don’t usually work with teenager’s, out of my own choice. I never like being one myself and was always cautious of the ‘bullies’. But here, I am with my own kind, ha ha. I can be Stephen Jon, gay man, with my own history and with skills to share. I am so interested to learn from the group how ‘The Mask’ might sit with contemporary thinking particularly on feelings concerning gender, identity and whatever else that will surely come up.