The Clay  for the new ‘Magnifico” mask is done and ‘cottled-up’ ready for plastering.

And carving has begun on ‘Big Nose Zanni’. Such a strange thing for me to learn to remove material to reveal the form when I am used to building up with the clay. Streatching my brain and developing new skills.

Windows Phone_20160211_001


Session Six: Final two coats of papering. Manufacturing Process almost completed.         Next ext wednesday we will finish the masks….just in time for ‘Light Night’ which is next friday, 5th feb..

Busy session, what with applying two layers in one evening!

Windows Phone_20160127_016                               So focused and cheerful are we.

Papering done (three layers) , waiting for the masks to dry in the moulds which takes some time with new moulds  (wet plaster) and because of the winter cold.

Wood blocks being prepared for carving. Using the best quality pine I can find. It is not high-grown Alpine pine but the best I can easily find from the usual local sources. If it is no good enough, I shall just have to hone sourcing skills.